Sunday, February 16, 2014

Poetic Meter - I Get Weak - Belinda Carlisle

Welcome back! Today, I'm trying to use poetic meter to analyze a song by Belinda Carlisle titled I get weak. At first, I thought it would be easy to analyze, but it definitely isn't. I'll give it my best try, but I can't assure you it's rightly done.

ˇ  ˉ  ˇ  ˉ
When I'm with you

ˇ  ˉ  ˇ  ˉ
I shake inside

ˇ ˉ  ˇ  ˉ ˇ  ˉ
My heart's all tangled up

ˇ  ˉ   ˇ ˉ  ˇ  ˇ ˉ
My tongue is tied it's crazy

 ˇ  ˉ   ˇ  ˉ    ˇ  ˉ   ˇ  ˉ
Can't walk, can't talk, can't eat, can't sleep

ˇ ˉ  ˇ ˉ   ˇ ˉ  ˇ ˉ   ˇ  ˇ ˉ
Oh, I'm in love, oh I'm in deep 'cuz baby

That's the first two paragraphs from the song, before the chorus. It's kind of mixed, not a single type of metric feet. The first line is a dimeter with two trochaic feet, one after the other. The pattern is repeated on the second line. Then, it changes to a trimeter, with three trochaic feet. The next line is also a trimeter which begins with two trochaic feet, but then changes to an antibacchic foot. The next paragraph is even harder to get, since she sings it very softly, but I think the first line is formed by a tetrameter of trochaic feet. The next line, it's a pentameter with the first 4 feet just as the one above (trochaic feet), but then an anapestic foot is added to complete the line, probably as a transition to the next part of the song. Now, let's analyze the chorus.

ˉ ˉ  ˉ    ˇ ˇ ˇ   ˇ ˉ
I get weak when I look at you

ˉ    ˇ  ˇ  ˇ  
Weak when we touch

ˇ  ˉ   ˇ   ˇ  ˉ ˇ ˇ  ˇ  ˉ 
I can't speak when I look in your eyes

This part was even harder than the first one, but I think I got it. The first line is a trimeter with a molossian foot followed by a tribrachic foot, while the last foot of the line is trochaic. The second line is kind of weird, because it begins with an stressed syllable which is kind of a continuation of the last syllable of the other line. Both "you" and "weak" are stressed and pronounced together. After the stressed syllable, there's a tribrachic foot, and the line is over. The last line is a trimeter. The first two feet are Amphibrachic, while the last one is Anapestic.

I repeat, don't trust me too much on this! It is the first time I try to use the poetic meter, and I'm not really sure it's completely right. Still, I hope you like it!

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