Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Lusitania

Hello again! This is a clip about the Lusitania, an american Ship that was sunk by German U-Boats (Untersee Boats). It was one of the most decisive reasons for the United States to enter World War 1 against the Germans. It is a two part video and I'll add a brief summery after it. I hope you enjoy them!

In may of 1915, the RMS Lusitania sailed into warring waters. After being hit by a torpedo, the Lusitania sank in 18 minutes taking down 1200 souls with her.

In the video, we can see how the Watchman of the ship sees a torpedo incoming, and alerts the whole crew. Both passengers and crew rush to the edge of the boat to see the torpedo which was going towards them. Countdown for the hit had already begun. The torpedo made impact with the Lusitania in its hull, and the impact made all the people aware of the terrible position of the ship.

While scream and shouting in the Lusitania began, the German U-boat was also shouting, but from joy instead of terror: They had hit her.

Soon after the impact, the internal machinery of the Lusitania began to fail, and explosions began everywhere. Water began to crawl inside and the crew was trying to comfort the upset passengers, who kept screaming, shouting and running. The ship stopped to respond to the commands of the captain, and was badly damaged.

They began to make evacuation plans and see if they could make repairs in the engine room, but water kept creeping in as the boat began to sink. The whole crew was panicking while families tried to kept tight together. The lights went off as the electricity system was damaged by water, and people on the elevator became stuck. The captain commanded to send an SOS signal, so that they could be rescued. 

Everybody wanted to get into the lifeboats, but obviously there wasn't room for anyone. People would have to stay and die with the Lusitania. She was sinking fast. People rushed into the boats even if it still wasn't safe to do so, and people were fighting over lifesavers. Some people fell into the water, and the ones in the elevator were already drowning. As the boat reached 20 degrees, the captain told the crew to abandon the boat.

"Women and Children first!" The crew shout as the people rushed into the lifeboats. As the lifeboats were going away, more people who had fallen to the sea was swimming towards them, and as they crawled inside they put them face down, taking all the people with them.

After 18 minutes of terror, the Lusitania finally sunk, taking lots of lives with her.

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