Saturday, February 2, 2013

Steamboat Willie!

Hello again! I just found a video of the first Mickey Mouse Cartoon with sound. The name of the Cartoon is Steamboat Willie, and it was published in 1928. It is black and white, and can show us about the Industrial Revolution's advances, technology, and lifestyle. It is a really short and fun video, I hope you enjoy it.

What can the video show us about the Industrial Revolution?

     The video itself is a direct result of the advances in technology during the industrial revolution, it shows us about lifestyle and other things. As we can see, the video is based on a steamboat, which developed during the Industrial Revolution. About the lifestyle we can see that the Captain chews tobacco, which was a common practice back then. Steamboats were used to transport different goods, such as the animals that Mickey put aboard. I think that if we compare the original Mickey Mouse with the one nowadays we can find out that Mickey back then was much more mischievous.

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