Saturday, January 26, 2013

Giuseppe Garibaldi, Hero of Italy

Hello again! Here is another video I found, this one about Giuseppe Garibaldi. He was an Italian soldier who got to become a hero. Unfortunately, the video is in Italian, so I have included a brief summary of the most important things about him.

Giuseppe Garibaldi

He was a legendary hero, loyal, kind, and a good man, even with animals. His passion was the sea, and when he was thirteen years old he saved some friends from death. He lived his youth navigating and one day he felt the desire to help his nation. A while after, he came into service of Mazzini and headed towards America, but in 1848 he came back because his nation needed him. He gathered with his old mother and his loving woman. He fought heading some volunteers in the battle of Lombardi. He helped to defend the Roman Republic, and helped the Italians, staying at Liguria. Later on, he sets back to America, staying with Antonio Meucci. In 1859, back in Italy, he participated in the Second Independence War. Afterwards, he gathers volunteers from every place to help him in the Expedition of the Thousand. In May 5, 1860, the Piamonte sets sails. He is pursued by enemies, policemen and spies, but the Sicilian People support him. His first tough battle was at Calatafimi.

"Qui si fa l'Italia o si moure!" (Garibaldi)

He won the battles of Calatafimi, Palermo and Milazzo. When he was in Caianello, he saluted Vitorio Emanuele II, king of Italy. The hero returns to Caprera, and after two years he returns to Rome during the Third War of Independence in 1866. The honor of the army was saved by Garibaldi, because of his victory at Bezzecca, and he was given the order to stop. In 1867 the French stopped Garibaldi, who was decided to get to Rome. In 1870 he forgets this offense and helps France in its war against Prussia at Digione. He lived his last years quietly in Caprera, dying in 1882. His body lays in a granite tomb, but his spirit watches over his nation, among the great and the poor that turned Italy in a sovereign nation, "Una, Libera, e Independente."

How did Italy become a single unified nation?

As it is mentioned in the video, there were three Italian Independence Wars, two in which Giuseppe Garibaldi participated actively (the last two). By that time, Italy was divided into small provinces, some of which were from France and others from the Austrian Empire. There were three wars between 1848 and 1866, ending with the conquest of the whole Italian Peninsula. The unification, was completed in 1860 by the Conquest of the Kingdom of two Sicilies by Garibaldi's Expedition of the Thousand. All in all, Garibaldi was the Hero who unified and liberated Italy.

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  1. You figured out what was going on very well. I like this video, too, all the more for its being in Italian, so we have to struggle a little to understand it, but it is clear that Italians are proud of Garibaldi!